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Rocio Pelayo

“It was just so exciting to be in a world where people knew how the sextech industry was working and how I could marry that with my ideas.”

Life before Sextech School

Prior to paving her way within the sextech industry, Rocio had spent over 25 years working with big tech companies but was after a change. After such a long time in the industry, Rocio became unfulfilled in her role and turned her attention to start-ups as their innovation inspired her. During this time, she came across people creating technology for sexual wellness, igniting her curiosity in sextech.

After some research into sextech, Rocio became inspired by all the women making waves within the industry, unlike what is commonly found in the rest of the technology sector. She saw it as the perfect opportunity to transfer her skills in technology into an emerging and exciting industry. 

After hearing about Sextech School from a friend, Rocio decided it was her time to join the industry and joined the waitlist for the next cohort. During the time before joining the school, she continued researching the industry and developing her ideas in preparation. When speaking of this time, Rocio stated, “I knew that I needed to learn more, and I needed to learn that from Sextech School.”

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The study experience at Sextech School

Once joining Sextech School, Rocio felt like she had met her people and was blown away by the support offered by the school and community. The information provided allowed her to expand her previous ideas and create new ones.

“What I did not expect was the community and the support, not just during the cohort but the ongoing support and growth. When I was in Sextech School, I brought my idea and ran it through the processes and cycles taught to me, which inspired me to make some tweaks. And throughout the whole time, I was tweaking my initiative in my idea, and a new one was born: podcasting. So I overlaid the podcasting onto the existing idea. I figured if Sextech School was of value, this was exactly what would happen. And it did.”

Life after Sextech School

Since finishing at Sextech School, Rocio has created Hablemos Sextech, a Spanish podcast that explores sextech’s impact on health, education, and pleasure, targeted towards those in Latin America. “My big initiative was to launch for Latin America, to make Latin America aware of what was happening in the industry in Spanish, and to inspire people there to create for ourselves.”

At Sextech School, Rocio was able to take the skills that she had learned from 25 years tech sector and combine them with her fascination with human sexuality to become a global thought leader in the sextech industry. Launching the Reimagine Sexuality Conference, a virtual conference that presents ideas from leaders within the industry, including innovators, scientists, therapists, investors, marketing experts, lawyers, designers, influencers, and more.

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