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Natasha Narkiewicz

“Sextech School is geared towards anyone who wants to get involved in sextech and doesn't know where to start. It is also good if you are already involved in sextech and want to advance your knowledge or elevate your company or workshop ideas.”

Life before Sextech School

“Before Sextech School, I had a really loose idea of the direction and the things I wanted to accomplish personally within the sextech ecosystem system. And after Sextech School, I had a much more solidified and concentrated, much more focused idea of what I wanted and not just what I wanted, but how I was going to make that happen.”

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The study experience at Sextech School

Like many people, Natalia lost her job during the pandemic, forcing her to take stock of her life and career. After working for many years in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, Natalia was looking for a change and set out to pursue a new career in the sextech industry.  

During Sextech School, Natalia attended a class taught by MysteryVibe CEO Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit and was fascinated by the company as they were a successful company that made medical and pleasure devices for all genders. Using the network she had made at the school, Natalia began asking around. She was eventually put in contact with Soumyadip and found out that there was a job opening as the head of communications. Natalia applied and got the job, which she credits to Sextech School “I think that being a graduate of Sextech School gave me that like extra edge where I would imagine if you were on the other side, reading my resume, he'd be like, ‘Oh, this person actually understands sexual technology, whereas maybe another writer wouldn't have the same access or experience with Sextech like I did.’ And so, there wasn't as much of a learning curve for me to integrate into the company because I was familiar with sextech and the technology.”

After researching the industry, Natalia found out about Sextech School but was hesitant to join, as she believed it was only for people with a sextech business or idea. “The way I understood Sextech School was that it was sort of like an accelerator program for entrepreneurs or people who wanted to start a business or had a startup idea or like a product that they wanted to pitch and build within the sextech community. I had none of those things. I am not an entrepreneur. I'm not a product designer. I didn't necessarily have a business model or anything in mind that I wanted to workshop. I just wanted to get involved in sextech, and I didn't know where to start.” 

Life after Sextech School

So Natalia reached out to Sextech School founder Bryony Cole and asked if the school would benefit her as a person interested in making a career change. She was thrilled to find out that the school is for not just those with a business idea or product but career changers too. 

Networks gained at Sextech school helped Natalia score her dream job as head of communications at Mystery Vibe.

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